Vlaamse Opera

old opera building in the sunset, people on the street
Vlaamse Opera, Antwerp | © Jens Stachowitz

The current Royal Vlaamse Opera Antwerp building was opened in 1907 and can host 1000 guests. The architectural design comes from Alexis Van Mechelen and Emiel Van Averbeke. Next to the Opera there is a large building, the Antwerp Tower, a former office building transformed by Wiel Arets Architects to a residential building on the upper floors. The Belgian national road 1 in front of the Opera was relocated to a tunnel to make place for the pedestrians.

New purpose for an old port

High-rise buildings behind a harbor basin
High-rise buildings at the old inland port of Antwerp | © Jens Stachowitz

The port of Antwerp is huge and is now closer to the North Sea than it was centuries ago, when ships docked in the middle of the city. This part of the harbor, called Kattendijk Dock, was used until the end of the 20th century and then became part of the city.


old building with statues on the roof
Toneelhuis, Antwerp | © Jens Stachowitz

Bourla Theatre (also known as Bourlaschouwburg) is a theatre located in Antwerp that seats around 900. The building is designed in a neoclassical style on the site of the former Tapissierspand tapestry market. The theatre was designed on request from the city in 1827 by the city architect Pierre Bourla. Construction began in 1829, but was delayed due to the Belgian Revolution. The theatre was finally finished in 1834 and opened under the name, Grand Théâtre or Théâtre Royal Français, on account of its ownership by a French company. Presently, the Bourla houses the theatre company Het Toneelhuis, which is a merger of the companies, Koninklijke Nederlandse Schouwburg and Blauwe Maandag Compagnie.

The Bourla is the last remaining municipal theatre in Europe with original stage machinery, which fill five levels above and below the stage. The building has been named a protected building since 1938, and therefore is regarded among the most important historic buildings in Belgium.

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Twisted Beauty

14 story high office building in a park
Office building of the Province of Antwerp by Xaveer De Geyter | @ Jens Stachowitz

The twist of the building is for a purpose. The architect wanted to capture more light and to shadow the neighborhood lesser. In addition, it is an eye-catcher and beautifully located in a newly created park.

Heaven On Earth

Heaven On Earth | © Jens Stachowitz |

It is a bicycle ride of about one hour from my home to where the people from Waltrop enjoy what they have: A little harbour at the Dortmund-Ems Canal and a place to sit and relax.

Estació del Nord

Estacio del Nord | © Jens Stachowitz |

The North Station (Spanish: Estación del Norte, Valencian: Estació del Nord) is the major railway station in Valencia, Spain. It is located in the city centre next to the Plaza de Toros de Valencia, the city’s bullring, and 200m from the town hall.

The building is one of the main works of the Valencian Art Nouveau and was declared Good of Cultural Heritage in 1987.

Museu de les Ciències

Museu de les Ciències | Architect: Sebastiao Calatrava | © Jens Stachowitz

The Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe is an interactive science museum. The diversity of interactive exhibitions and the numerous outreach activities that have been carried out at the Museum have culminated in an important success among the public, which has undoubtedly responded warmly to the proposal to disseminate science and technology through fun and entertainment, but without renouncing the minimum scientific rigor necessary when addressing the topics covered.

The building designed by Sebastiao Calatrava resembles the skeleton of a whale. – In the background you see the Pont de l’Assut de l’Or and the L’Àgora, both are designed by Sebastiao Calatrava too.


The Hemispheric | Architect: Sebastiao Calatrava | © Jens Stachowitz |

Sebastiao Calatrava conceived the building as an oversized human eye – the Eye of Wisdom, intended to symbolize the audiovisual experience of visitors watching the performances. The 100-meter-long oval roof houses a 3D IMAX theater and the surrounding Carl Sagan Perimeter Ring, named in honor of the American physicist.