Tetraeder in Bottrop

Tetraeder in Bottrop on top of the heap Beckstraße

The Tetraeder is one of many landmarks the Ruhr Area has built to signal their industrial past and its trust into its structural change. We walked up very early in the morning during the summer solstice to catch the sunrise. Fortunately this moment was fare more beautiful than the sunset itself. After the sunset we hat a very early breakfast atop the artificial hill made of tailings form the nearby coal mines.

Miner´s lamp in Moers

Miner’s lamp (Geleucht) at the heap Rheinpreußen in Moers © Jens Stachowitz

To honor the may miners in the Ruhr Area and to spend a little comfort after the mining industry has gone this landmark was set up in Moers on top of the heap Rheinpreussen, what is the name of the former nearby coal mine. A lamp like this was constructed in a way that prevents an explosion which occurs when methane was set free. In modern days electric light were used.

Tiger & Turtle in Duisburg

Tiger & Turtle in Duisburg @ Jens Stachowitz

A landmark of its own is this walk-in sculpture named »tiger & turtle«. On the former dump for metallurgical waste, a landscape park was created from the demolition material of the neighboring metal works Berzelius/MHD, which had fallen into bankruptcy. This site is now a very popular destination for visitors from all around the neighborhood.