seeking out the unspoiled nature

Detail from Lake Bohinj in Slowenia

Detail from Lake Bohinj in Slowenia ©

Photographer couple Verena Popp-Hackner and Georg Popp, based in Vienna, Austria, Europe, are loving to be »out there« in the unspoiled wilderness avoiding to place their cameras where others have already left their tripod holes. They hope that through the language of their images, they »can translate a sensibility for the beauty of the natural landscape« as they feel it. While having studied their galleries within their homepage I found a lot of photographs speeking to me in a strong manner. So I am very sad not to be able to see their photographs that will be displayed in Lünen, Germany – a town nearby my home – in Oct. 2011 during the International Nature Photography Festival of the GDT.

Verena and George invest a lot of work and waiting, are very picky with their capturing a scene and editing, and they use large format cameras and film for the best quality to deliver in fine art printing. What I like about this couple beyond that is that they do their landscape photography with having children (current in the primary school age). With our children beeing slightly older than theirs I can imagine what challenge this is. They are planning a tour to California in July 2011 focusing on some mountain/forest regions and the coast too. I am curious to see the photographs they will bring back.