Eli Reinholdtsen is chasing reflections

spray-painting © by Eli Reinholdtsen

Today and want to introduce Eli Reinholdtsen a photographer-friend of mine living in Oslo, Norway. I met Eli in Genua when she was arriving for the second week of the Italy Within The Frame Workshop in April 2010 and I was leaving after the first week. Eli I first met virtually on facebook as a result of Jeffrey Capman´s building up a workshop community. Eli posted this photograph (above) to introduce herself into the community and I was very impressed. I like this photograph very much! Eli has been an avid snapper ever since she was given her first camera at the age of eleven but discovered the infinite potential of creative camera modes about two years ago. Like to be seen she did the discovery very fast.

Eli and I – and other participants too – had a glass of wine and I had a very good conversation with Eli that avoce my wish to stay in touch with her. Later on within her workshop week she put a self-published book called “Folk” into David duChemin´s hands at the breakfast table and as a result of this introduction this ebook (beneath) was released by Craft And Vision on July 28th.


Very well done Eli! I am very impressed by the photographs in this ebook. The photographs have multiple layers inside combining at least two images in one, leaving question marks and stimulate curiosity. Its a joy to see the full size photographs on the first half of the book and the smaller sized versions with comments on the back half give very good explanation and education. Eli loves what she is photographing! She loves street photography, she loves reflections and is drawn to when people are wrapped up in their own thoughts. Her photographs make me smile but the photographs are the result of hard working: Comming back to see whether the light is better, waiting for an hour ore more to catch the moment, trying to create a better photograph in the same setting but another moment, not giving up when she could not capture the image she wanted to create. Chasing Reflections – a wonderful art piece and photography education at the same time! Highly recommended!

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