Gerd Lieder is chasing reflections

A patchwork of Gerd Lieder´s work

patchwork by Gerd Lieder

My eyes were immediately cought by the reflections Gerd Lieder has chased and painted. I saw a few of his paintings – those from Dubay and those about Gehry´s architecture – in the art galery art-isotope in Dortmund, Germany. The exibition started on Sunday, 19th Sept. 2010 and will last till 17th Oct. 2010.

For me there is a strong parallel to Eli Reinholdtsen, my photographer-friend in Oslo whose work I have mentioned in Eli Reinholdtsen is chasing reflections. In this two paintings by Gerd Lieder there are the strongest parallels

Painting of Fifth Avenue by Gerd Lieder

Fifth Avenue by Gerd Lieder

Bäume 2 Trees 2 150 x 110 cm Öl/Leinwand 2004

Trees 2 by Gerd Lieder

Gerd Lieder is working with glass, water, mirror and foil and he uses a camera to chase the reflections he wants to paint with oil at canvas. Yes, you see paintings. His body of work is very impressive and his technique to manufacture photorealistic paintings is on a master level. Gerd Lieder is playing with the viewers understanding of reality, like Eli does in a similar way. Eli is explaining her approach in her eBook you can find here. What is shown? Has it really been so? Did Gerd Lieder change something while painting?

See this article by Tom Querengaesser to get some insights and see Gerd Lieder´s website for more impressions on his work.

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